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ONE Mile Project

The ONE Mile Project (2014-2018) was an experiment in collaboration between Oakland Avenue Artist Coalition, a design studio based at the University of Michigan, and North End community members that won an Artplace America grant in 2014.  This project produced interactive installations and activated spaces along one linear mile of Oakland Avenue: such as the Mothership and the Legacy of Funk; and The Bureau with its community gallery.  The project also spurred economic growth, provoked conversation and re-imagination of the Oakland Avenue corridor, and most importantly caused neighbors to connect in unconventional ways and deepen relationships. I served as a visual arts co-curator, ONE Mile magazine co-editor, and community outreach coordinator.

4. ONE Mile Magazine Page.jpg

Photo from a page in ONE Mile Magazine, vol. 1, depicting a community conversation with artist Marsha Music, held in The Bureau on Oakland Avenue.  Conversation curated by Halima Cassells. Conceptual design of pictured window installation by Halima Cassells. 2016.

6. One Mile Swap.JPG

Photo from a Free Market of Detroit Swap event held in the Garage on Oakland Avenue with the Mothership activated as a DJ booth. Environment created by Halima Cassells. 2015.

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