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Swarm Soundscape

Swarm, a site-specific installation, speaks to the ideas of collectivism, shared knowledge, and reflection as it beckons all who pass by. Artists Halima Afi Cassells and Megan Heeres created this temporal work by reimagining obsolete media materials like CDs, 3.5” diskettes, microfiche film, and signage vinyl.


To honor the knowledge and memories of each person who lent energy to the project, we have created this soundscape with favorite songs, and interviews crowdsourced from the group as we made this work, speaking directly to how we all share with our community.

FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: I do not own copyright for this copyrighted material, but under Section 107 United States Copyright Law as noted by the United States Copyright Office (Copyright Act 1976), allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. I state here in good faith that I have made and uploaded this soundscape containing copyrighted material completely for the purposes of comment and criticism, not monetization. I believe that my production of this copy of this copyrighted material and sharing of it here in this particular case can only increase the value of this copyrighted material and produce only positive effects for this copyrighted material in its potential market.



1. Mort Garson - "Plantasia"  (1976)  2019

2. MAZE ft. Frankie Beverly - "We Are One"  (1983)

3. New Radicals "You Get What You Give" (1998)

4. Tevin Campbell - "Can We Talk" (1993)

5. illezo - "Air" (2018)

6. John Lennon - "Imagine" (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York 1972)

7. Bob Marley - "Redemption Song" (Live In Dortmund, Germany 1980)

8. Cat Stevens - "Peace Train" (1971)

9. R.E.M. - "Shiny Happy People" (1991)

10. Isley Brothers - "Harvest For the World" (1976)

11. James Brown - "Make It Funky" (Live At The Apollo Theater, New York 1971)

12. Aretha Franklin - "Rock Steady" (1972)

13. The Four Tops - "Same Old Song" (1965)

14. Sam Cooke - "What a Wonderful World" (1959)

15. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - "Meticulous Bird" (2017)

16. Eagles- "Hotel California" (1976)

17. Pink Floyd - "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" 1974 ("Live at Knebworth" Hertfordshire, England 1990)

18. David Bowie - "Changes" (1971)

19. Kell and Ozzy Osbourne - "Changes" (2003)

20. Jill Scott- "I Keep" (2004)

21. Jack Johnson - "Better Together (2005)

22. No Doubt - "Spiderwebs" (2009)

23. ACDC - "Back in Black" (1980)

24. Ted Nugent - "Fred Bear" (1995)

25. U.S.A. for Africa - "We are the World" (1985)

26. Marky Mark and the FUnky Bunch - "Good Vibrations" (1991)

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